Pioneer Spirit Challenge

Last week, the latest instructions for the Pioneer Spirit Mystery Challenge were published.  This is a mystery quilt challenge created by Sherri Hisey of Border Creek Station Pattern Company especially for Quilts at the Creek.  Quite a few guild members are participating in the challenge, and the finished quilts will be displayed together at this summer’s Quilts at the Creek Show on July 18 & 19 at Black Creek Pioneer Village.

I didn’t start the challenge until last month, but have managed to get quite a bit done.

Pioneer Spirit Large BlocksYesterday I put together the 12 large blocks (although it took me all day, even though many of the units were all assembled).  I haven’t completed all of the other units for this month’s challenge, but decided to wait until I get more information about how the quilt is going to go together before I complete them.  There is an option to make the quit extra-scrappy by creating 4-patch units in places, and although I didn’t use them in these blocks, I think I may want to add some in other places.  I have some 4-patch units made, but also some plain squares cut so I can decide when I see the next instructions.  I may be doing some reverse stitching, depending on my decisions, so I don’t want to get too far ahead.

Part of the challenge is to use fabrics from your stash for this project.

I have lots of batiks, especially in greens and creams.

Storm on the Lake

Storm on the Lake

I’m making quilts for the guest  suite at the cottage, which has two double beds (I finished the first one in the fall, in time have it hang at the Celebration of Quilts XII show last November).  I wanted lots of variety in the fabrics of “Storm on the Lake”, so had been collecting green and cream batiks whenever I was at a quilt shop or show.  Even with using them for the pioneer challenge, I think I’ll still have plenty left for a second quilt for the guest suite!  I’ve added browns and tans to the mix for my pioneer spirit challenge, to give the finished quilt an earthy feel.

I think it will be really interesting to see all of the quilts when they are finished, especially hung together at the show this summer.  A few of the organizers have been posting their progress, and there are lots of different colourways!


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A love of stitching has been inherited from my mother and grandmother. I can’t remember a time when I didn’t have at least a couple of stitching projects underway. Whether it’s by hand or machine, there are always new projects I’d like to try or fibres I’d like to experiment with…and a few projects waiting to be finished!
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